Dear Disney

We here at Tales of Avalon want to thank you for making our lives easier by announcing a Tales of Avalon movie due Spring 2016. It has saved Karl countless man hours of writing. However, we do have a few issues with the film.

We aren’t exactly sure why you decided to change the name. It should read Tales of Avalon: The Movie, and not Zootopia.

You have left out a huge portion of Avalon by stating the world is only full of mammals. That is not true. Avalon is full of all types of animals both real and mythical, including but not limited to mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and insects as well as dragons.

There is also the concern of making the film a buddy cop movie set in modernity. It doesn’t feel like you are utilizing the concept of anthropomorphism to it’s fullest. We had thought you would have liked the idea of a more Top Gun-esque action movie or turning one of the earlier scripts into its own feature film. But that was ultimately your decision.

We had hoped that Zootopia was going to be animated, rather than CGI, especially since the art style is more like the classic Disney animated films like Robin Hood and Jungle Book. We’re just not sold on the blending of the art style with CGI, but we’re also hoping you can change our minds.

We’re also wondering if you plan on picking up the current Tales of Avalon movie script still in production. It’s still in the early stages, but we figured you’d enjoy utilizing your good relations with Japanese animation studios to produce the film, even though we would prefer the movie be completely in Japanese with English subtitles rather than a fully English movie.

The other concern is that we haven’t seen our royalty checks yet. We’re all just wondering when we should expect them.

Thank you for your time,

Tales of Avalon Staff


P.S. Yes, we know Zootopia has been in development for quite some time. This is just us being silly because we all saw the teaser and it feels like Disney has made a Tales of Avalon movie. We all look forward to seeing Zootopia when it comes out next year.