1. The title, Tales of Avalon, is not a reference to the Arthurian city of myth. Avalon is the name of the planet on which the stories take place. This has caused some confusion, namely due to the website’s address www.talesofavalon.com, which was previously owned by writer Walter William Melnyk, the writer of a Druid book series with the same name. There’s also been confusion with a DeviantArt fantasy comic series named Tales of Avalon, written and illustrated by Fabrício Bohrer.
  2. There are no humans on Avalon. There are several reasons behind this. The writer, Karl Kratt, has gone on record saying that he doesn’t like writing human characters in fantasy settings because other writers have run into controversy over race. “Animals are just an easier medium to work with since readers can see themselves in a character not based on what race, religion, or gender, but because of the character’s actions and emotions.” 
  3. The world of Tales of Avalon is very in-depth. The creators typically spend several weeks or months doing research about the various periods of time in which a story takes place in order to make everything feel believable. The meme where a stick figure sits in front of a computer to research a news article and ends up reading a Wikipedia page on Nuclear Physics happens all the time. “I’ve found myself up at 3 or 4 in the morning reading about mythical beasts, but I think I’ve spent the most time researching the Kingdom of Kitara, in Africa. People are still not sure if it’s a legend or if it’s real.”
  4. The titles of every section are all references to George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. Betsy Nichols and Karl Kratt are huge Game of Thrones fans, and it often shows in the comic itself in relationships between nations and individuals. In 2014, there was a joke image based on The Great Houses of Westeros called The Great Houses of Avalon.
  5. There was a long running in-joke between Karl and Betsy that Tales of Avalon was a more family friendly version of Game of Thrones. The joke lasted until the movie Zootopia was released. The current running gag is that Tales of Avalon is Zootopia’s Game of Thrones that can be watched late night on ZBO, Zootopian Box Office. The creators think that Officer Clawhauser is addicted to the show, and would introduce it to Judy Hopps.