Race: Egyptian Jackal (Canis lupus lupaster)

First Appearance: Tales of Avalon #005

Religion: Egyptian Polytheism

Father: Not Mentioned by Name

Mother: Not mentioned by Name

Born: 1132 CE

Husband: Runihura

Children: Fenyang, Hehkhet, Neferkhet, Kaukhet, Bakhet, and Lotus

Occupation: Queen


Early Life


Het-Heru was the only child of a powerful Nomarch and Nomarchess of Egypt. She grew up wanting for nothing, having everything she desired given to her. During her childhood, she developed a love of the finer things; gold, jewels, silk, diamonds, et cetera. She also began to grow fond of her friend, Alim, the son of another high ranking Nomarch.


At age thirteen, she was arranged to marry Alim, a marriage that would only strengthen both family’s power blocks. The arrangement was well accepted by both Alim and Het-Heru. The two began spending more and more time together, planning out their lives. However, when she was sixteen, her parents broke the agreement with Alim’s father, and married her to Runihura.

Marriage to Runihura

Het-Heru and Runihura’s marriage was rough; the two getting along most of the time, but neither of them ever truly falling in love with one another. It took nearly ten years for Het-Heru to become pregnant with her first child, but five other children soon followed.



Later Life