Tales of Avalon: The Two Silver Ankhs and The Voyages of Sinbad

Tales of Avalon: The Doctor and his Companions


Orange: The Empire of the Netherlands

Red: Italian Empire

Light Red: British Empire

Light Blue: American Empire

Bright Blue: Egyptian Empire

Medium Blue: French Empire

Dark Blue: Norwegian Empire

Purple: Persian Empire

Dark Purple: Soviet Empire

Yellow: Spanish Empire

Light Green: Danish Empire

Dark Green: Portuguese Empire

Brown: Japanese Empire

Light Grey: Non-Imperial Nations

Dark Grey: German Empire

Black: Belgian Empire


Tales of Avalon: Kings of the Wind



Dark Blue: North Atlantic Treaty Organization and South East Asian Treaty Organization

Light Blue: Nationals aligned with the United States

Red: Warsaw Pact

Pink: Nations aligned with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Grey: Neutral and Non-Aligned Nations

Tales of Avalon: To the Stars

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