Race: Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta)

First Appearance: Tales of Avalon #012

Religion: Egyptian Polytheism

Father: Unnamed

Mother: Unnamed

Born: 1130 CE

Wife: Atef

Children: Harrab and Khenti

Occupation: Commander of the Royal Guards


Early Life


Snefru was born to poor farmers outside of Sais. Most of his childhood was spent working in the fields along side his father and mother.


When Snefru was thirteen, he enlisted in the Grand Army as an archer. During a border skirmish, he showed great skill, saving the life of then Prince Runihura. The two became friends, with the Prince moving him into the Royal Guard.

It wasn’t long after he joined the Royal Guards that he began to have a romantic relationship with Dalila and her best friend Atef. He continued to see both of them until Runihura revealed he had fallen in love with Dalila and she had fallen for him. Snefru then married Atef, and the two had two children; Harrab and Khenti.



Becoming Commander

It took several years, but eventually, Snefru was given the promotion to Commander of the Royal Guards. It wasn’t long until he began to gain weight from the lack of combat and marching drills. During this time, Snefru became increasingly attached to his eldest son, Harrab, grooming him to be the next Commander of the Royal Guards. He paid less attention to his younger son, Khenti, who followed in his father’s foot steps by joining the Grand Army and eventually earning a commission in the Royal Guards.


Later Life