The Tales of Avalon: Kings of the Wind

The Second Great War is over. It has taken decades for the nations involved to rebuild, and from the rubble, two super powers have arisen; The United States of America and the Soviet Union. Competing ideologies glare at one another from across barbed wire and sand bags. The world is divided between Red and Blue as nations and families are cut in half by fictional borders between fictional countries as maps are drawn and redrawn.

The Board is Set

January 1975 – The Soviet Union. The largest nation in Avalon. One of the Largest Empires. Its sights are set on its southern neighbor, Persia. Her warm ports and abundant oil like a siren’s call. After a failed invasion during the Second Great War, the Soviets are willing to give it one more try.

The Soviet-Persian War

October 1976 – The Soviet’s gained ground in their initial drive, but have been halted by the Persian Army. Both sides trade blows but they’re embroiled in a stalemate.

Blinding the Cyclops

April 1983 – Persian Special Forces have come up with a plan to cripple the Soviet War machine. Their targets are the oil refineries in Azerbaijan S.S.R.

Wounding Giants

January 1985 – The Soviets are withdrawing troops from Persia as they install a puppet government in the lands they conquered, dividing Persia in half for the first time in centuries. But days later, the Persians invade. Meanwhile, the Soviet economy is floundering as energy costs skyrocket and grain becomes more and more scarce.

Operation Sea Hammer

March 1985 – The USS Cape Suzzette, CV-50, is on maneuvers in the Atlantic with her lend-lease sister ship, the HMS Defiance, as part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Operation Sea Hammer. But the Soviets are watching their every move.

Werewolves of London

March 1985 – With Operation Sea Hammer over, the crews are given time off to visit London at night. Laughs, cheers, and good times are had by all.


March 1985 – Everyone has to return to their ships and stations.

So Far Away

April 1985 – The actions of what happened in London have started to sink in, and for two of people, the distance makes it even harder.

War of the Worlds

April 1985 – A Squadron Leader with no ties to nobility, a Duchess whose tied to the Royal Family. Outrage, scandal, and forbidden romance.

Red Flag Part I

May 1985 – In 1975, the United States Air Force created Red Flag, a joint advanced aerial combat training exercise in the Nevada Desert. Pilots from all over the world come to hone their skills, and the selections have been announced.

Red Flag Part II

June 1985 – The fictional air war over Nevada begins.

Red Flag Part III

June 1985 – The fictional air war over Nevada ends, as friends share drinks and celebrate.

Goodbye Old Friend

July 1985 – The first of the new aircraft arrive to the British and Americans. The old workhorses are being retired for newer aircraft. Pilots must bid farewell to their beloved friends.

We’ll Have an Old Fashioned Wedding

September 1985 – If given enough time, even the strongest of steel will eventually bend as the Royal Family finally consents to a marriage that they’d previously opposed.

London’s Calling

October 1985 – After saving up enough leave, the Commander of Carrier Air Wing Six is finally able to get back to London.

Operation Snowflake

December 1985 – The Cape Suzzette returns to the Atlantic, heading north towards Norway for a joint Operation with the Norwegian Air Force.

The Pieces are Moving

January 1986 – NATO begin Operation Able Archer, a military simulation of a Third Great War.

 Movie: A Red Storm Rises

January 1986 – Everybody wants to rule the world.