Race: Brown Hyena (Hyaena brunnea)

First Appearance: Tales of Avalon #014

Religion: Egyptian Polytheism

Father: Not Mentioned

Mother: Not mentioned

Born: 1132 CE

Husband: Snefru

Children: Harrab and Khenti

Occupation: Wife and Head of the House


Early Life


Atef was born to poor farmers outside of Helwan. Her mother died short after childbirth. After a poor harvest, Atef was sold to the Nomarch of Helwan, at age eight, to pay off debts. The Nomarch, not having a real need for another slave, gave her to the Pharaoh as a gift. Atef grew up in the Palace and was raised along side Dalila. The two grew up almost as close as sisters.


Atef grew into a beautiful woman, attracting the attentions of many of the Royal Guards. She indulged them on occasion, but was often found with Dalila. She eventually caught the eye of Snefru, and the two began a long romantic relationship. Snefru was able to buy her from the Pharaoh, freeing her shortly after, and marrying her.


Atef spent much of her time in the Palace, eventually bearing two children; Harrab and Khenti. Although she spent time with both of her sons, she spent more time with Khenti than Harrab, all the while managing Snefru’s household and holdings. Although her eldest son overshadowed Khenti, Atef was usually the one to promote her son’s interests to Snefru, who saw that Khenti could be just as great, if not better than his older brother.


Later Life