Eren al-Khemi


Race: Egyptian Jackal (Canis lupus lupaster)

First Appearance: Tales of Avalon #012

Religion: Egyptian Polytheism

Father: Not Mentioned by Name

Mother: Not mentioned by Name

Born: 1143 CE

Wife: Hebi

Children: Areku al-Khemi

Occupation: General


Early Life


Eren al-Khemi was born to the powerful House of al-Khemi. He was raised to be the next Nomarch and take over the family mantle.


At age thirteen, he joined the Grand Army, winning many awards for heroism in battle. He was at one time, Khenti’s commander, only to wind up becoming his best friend. Eren eventually married Runihura’s younger sister. Unfortunately, Eren’s wife died during labor, giving him only one son, Areku.


Having married into the Royal Family, Eren became friends with Snefru and Runihura, eventually convincing Snefru to give his son, Khenti, a chance in the Royal Guards.

Having lost his wife and being left with a year old son, Eren began looking for a new wife. He had several romantic encounters with Adara, but ultimately did not pursue her.


Later Life