Race: African Lion (Panthera leo)

First Appearance: Tales of Avalon #

Religion: Egyptian Polytheism

Father: Not Named

Mother: Not Named

Born: 1130 CE

Siblings: Zuberi

Wife: None

Children: Adara and Samira

Occupation: Ambassador

Early Life


Rambaa was born into a wealthy and powerful family. Being a Nomarch’s son, he was destined for high office. He grew up with his family providing everything he would need in order to enter into politics. Rambaa eventually chose to become an ambassador, believing he could do more for Egypt abroad than he ever could at home.


He was eventually sent to Jerusalem by Prince Runihura’s parents, and was loaned Dalila. Being a verile young lion, he began a long affair with Dalila over ten years, but only produced two children with her; Adara and Samira, though he was never truly certain that Adara was his offspring. Over time, he started to fall in love with Dalila.

Raising Adara and Samira

Although Dalila did most of the work, Rambaa treated both Samira and Adara as if they were his own, free born children.


Returning to Egypt

When Runihura became the next Pharaoh, Rambaa was recalled back to Egypt. After he arrived, he returned Dalila as well as their children to the Pharaoh since they were still the Pharaoh’s property. Unfortunately, this broke Rambaa’s heart, and he was never truly able to find another woman that he felt the same way towards.

Later Life