Tales of Avalon: The Dreamer’s Song

“Have you ever asked yourself where mirages come from? If you ask anyone, they will tell you that they are mere illusions that your very mind creates in the middle of a hot desert. I, however, have seen it in a different way. There is a land where illusions reside. It is known as The Valley of Mirage. These illusions leave the valley and appear in front of those that they select in the desert. When they are finished, they return to the valley. Some illusions are obvious. And yet, there are some that seem so real, that you wish they were.”

Tales of Avalon: We are the Same

The Empire of Kitara has been in turmoil for a generation. Fratricide, Regicide, and Civil War. The empire is finally united under one ruler, who seeks to repair relations with their neighbor to the north, the Empire of Egypt. But all actions have consequences. Will his actions and beliefs destroy the bond his grandfather established with Egypt? Or will a new peace be forged in the fires of truth?

Tales of Avalon: The Heart’s Desire

A poor young girl finds the ultimate treasure: a jinn. She could have anything she’s ever wanted, go anywhere she pleased. Wealth and power are at her fingertips, but what does she really want, and what does she really need?

Tales of Avalon: The Hero of France 

A young Frenchman dreams of adventure as a King’s Musketeer, but does he truly understand what he is getting into?