Race: Brown Hyena (Hyaena brunnea)

First Appearance: Tales of Avalon #006

Religion: Egyptian Polytheism

Father: [SPOILER]

Mother: Dalila

Born: 1151 CE

Siblings: Samira

Husband: [SPOILER]

Children: Osiris and Isis

Occupation: Servant


Early Life


Adara was born in the Kingdom of Jerusalem to her mother, Dalila. She never knew who her real father was, although it is assumed that she is Rambaa’s daughter, much like her younger sister, Samira. She spent the first ten years of her life growing up in Jerusalem along side her younger sister, before her mother was recalled to the palace. Both she and her sister were called upon to help Dalila in her duties as midwife, growing up along side Prince Fenyang.


Adara grew up into a beautiful young woman, getting much attention for many of the Palace Guards. She began having several romantic encounters, until she met Khenti, the second son of the Commander of the Palace Guards. The two began a clandestine affair for many months until the visit by the Persian Ambassador.




Later Life