Race: African Lion (Panthera leo)

First Appearance: Tales of Avalon #

Religion: Egyptian Polytheism

Father: Not Named

Mother: Not Named

Born: 1130 CE

Siblings: Rambaa

Occupation: General

Early Life


Zuberi was born the second son into a wealthy and powerful family. Being a second son, very little was placed upon his shoulders. He grew up along side his brother, Rambaa. Eventually, Zuberi decided to enter the military to gain glory, since it was unlikely he would ever take over the house. When he announced it to his parents, they provided everything he would need to succeed.


Zuberi was sent to the southern holdings of Egypt, known as Nubia. There, he distinguished himself in several small border skirmishes with neighboring tribes.


Returning to Alexandria

Zuberi was later recalled back to Alexandria, where he was promoted to General of the Southern Armies, and placed under the command of Eren al-Khemi.

Later Life