Abbasid Sultanate

Capital: Baghdad

Government: Hereditary Monarchy.

Population: 10,735,910

Religions: Islam (82%), Christianity (9%), Judaism (8%),  Other (1%)

Allies: Shiba

Enemies: Crusader States and the Byzantine Empire

Neutral: Egyptian Empire and the Persian Empire

History: The Abbasid Sultanate was found ind 760 CE and lasted until 1492 CE. The Sultanate arose from the ashes of the Umayyad Caliphate in 760 CE. The capital was moved to the newly founded Baghdad in 762 CE. The Empire had a long and uneasy relationship with its neighbors; Persia, Egypt, and Byzantium, until 1210 CE, when the Sultana of Baghdad entered into a mutual peace treaty with the Egyptians and the Persians. In 1258 CE, the Mongols invaded from the Caucus Mountains, taking and sacking Baghdad, pushing the Abbasid’s to move the capital to Damascus. In 1388 CE, the Abbasid’s retook Baghdad with help from Egypt and Persia, founding their empire once more. By 1490, the Abbasid Sultanate was absorbed into the Persian Empire through marriage.