Race: Brown Hyena (Hyaena brunnea)

First Appearance: Tales of Avalon #001

Religion: Egyptian Polytheism

Father: Not Mentioned

Mother: Not Mentioned

Born: 1134 CE

Husband: None

Children: Adara and Samira

Occupation: Servant


Early Life


Dalila was born in the palace to two slaves. She grew up with a loving mother who was queen’s midwife. She never knew who her father exactly was, although she speculated many times. When she reached the age of seven, she began to help her mother with her chores, and by age ten, was moved out of her mother’s patronage to help in the kitchen.


Dalila grew up in to a beautiful woman. She had many suitors seeking her attentions, but she was often found in the company of her best friend, Atef. Dalila developed romantic attachments to Snefru and Runihura,but ultimately falling in love with Runihura. Eventually, Runihura formally proposed to her. When the Pharaoh and Queen learned of this, she was loaned to the Egyptian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Jerusalem, Rambaa.

Life as an Ambassador’s Slave

Dalila spent ten years with Rambaa, fulfilling any and all of his needs. The first two years of her time as the Ambassador’s slave was spent pregnant. Dalila did care for the Ambassador, but she never stopped loving Runihura.

Raising Adara and Samira in Jerusalem

While under the Rambaa’s ownership, she had to raise her two pups as a single mother, though the Ambassador did lend a hand on occasion. Eventually, the Ambassador was forced to get a second slave in order to help with the work, freeing Dalila to raise her children.


Return to the Palace

When Runihura became the next Pharaoh, he recalled Rambaa and Dalila to the palace. Dalila was welcomed home by her long time love, showing off her two daughters. Runihura decided to give her the position her mother held previously, that of the Queen’s Midwife, which gave her time to continue to raise her children.

Raising Adara and Samira in the Palace

After becoming the Queen’s Midwife, Dalila was able to raise her daughters more easily, and often called upon them to help her in her duties. She raised Runihura’s son, Fenyang, along side her much older daughters.

Later Life