Race: Egyptian Jackal (Canis lupus lupaster)

First Appearance: Tales of Avalon #002

Religion: Egyptian Polytheism

Father: Not Mentioned by Name

Mother: Not mentioned by Name

Born: 1128 CE

Siblings: Hebi

Wife: Het-Heru

Children: Fenyang, Hehkhet, Neferkhet, Kaukhet, Bakhet, Lotus, and [SPOILER]

Occupation: Pharaoh


Early Life


Runihura was born the only son of the Pharaoh and Queen of Egypt. His parents are mentioned but are not named in the series. He had one other sibling, a sister, who is also unnamed, but was married to Eren al-Khemi. Runihura grew up in the palace, surrounded by tutors. At age eight, he began to learn military strategy as well as combat, which supplemented his previous learning in how to rule.


At age sixteen, Runihura was an accomplished warrior prince, having lead the Egyptian Army in several border skirmishes with the Crusaders. He eventually fell in love with Dalila, the daughter of his mother’s midwife. After a long romantic affair, he proposed marriage to her. However, that was quickly ousted when his parents loaned Dalila to the Egyptian Ambassador to Jerusalem, and arranged his marriage to Het-Heru, the only child of a powerful Nomarch.


Five years after Runihura’s marriage to Het-Heru, the Queen died in her sleep. Five years later, his father died of a heart attack while bathing, and Runihura was crowned Pharaoh. Not long after their deaths, Het-Heru became pregnant with the couple’s first child, Fenyang.

Several months after the Coronation, Runihura recalled the Ambassador, and had him return Dalila. He appointed his former romantic interest to be Het-Heru’s midwife, although Het-Heru was less than enthused.



Later Life