Tales of Avalon: The Doctor and his Companions

The Great War has been over for almost twenty years, and the world is still recovering from the Crash of 1929. It’s a time of big business and venture capitalism. The skies are the limit as airplanes flood the airways with passengers and cargo headed all over the now shrinking world. Piracy has also followed these new merchants into the skies, but so has the prospect of adventure.

The Search for the Chimera

An Archaeology Professor, a Graduate Student, and a Barnstormer make for an odd pairing, but when a lost manuscript is found at an Egyptian flea market, a race begins to be the first to find the Chimera of legend.

The Isle of Roc

A long-lost island with a long dead civilization believed to be more fantasy than myth. But as the Professor and his assistant begin to examine the Chimera more closely, they find a map to its location.

The Polish Crown

In 1809, the Germans looted Poland, taking with them the Crown Jewels. No one knows where they are, but the Thule Society is desperate to find them. If they fall into Adolf Hitler’s possession, he could claim the right to rule Poland.

Thor’s Hammer

War is on the horizon as the Thule Society begins the search for yet another mythical artifact. This time, they’re trying to possess Mjolnir, the legendary Hammer of Thor. Can the Professor prevent it from falling into the hands of the National Socialists?

The Last of the Romanovs Part One: The Baba Yaga

In the forests of Eastern Europe, an old woman roams, giving blessings and curses to those she encounters. After waiting for years to get a visa, the Professor is finally granted access by the Soviet Union to excavate several sites to discover exactly what happened to the Romanov Dynasty. is she bringing him good fortune or will she the expedition be cursed from the start?

The Last of the Romanovs Part Two: Rasputin’s Sledovik

The evidence is baffling. Stories aren’t matching. Archaeological evidence is disappearing. One of the few things that remain is the Sledovik stone that Rasputin owned. Legend says it is cursed, but could it help?

The Last of the Romanovs Part Three: The Pearl Necklace

The Soviets are hiding something. The only piece of evidence that has survived is a small pearl necklace. Could it lead them to the final resting place of the Romanovs? Or will it uncover something even more deadly?

The Last of the Romanovs Part Four: Safety?

After a narrow escape, the Professor, his graduate student, and the barnstormer are laying low in London. But the Soviets have a long arm and are not going to let the trio embarrass them further.

The Ark of the Covenant

A Holy Relic sacred to both Jews and Christians, the Ark has been lost for centuries. Speculation about its location run rampant as the Thule Society begins to bankroll new expeditions to find the Ark’s resting place. It’s a race against time to keep the Ark from falling into the hands of the National Socialists.

Treasure of the Templars

The Temple Mount is sacred to three major religions, and the Dome of the Rock resides upon it. Accessible only to the Followers of Muhammed, access to outsiders is strictly controlled. Could the catacombs below hide what archaeologists and treasure hunters have been seeking for centuries; the Treasure of the Templars? Who will find it first? The Thule Society? The Professor? Or the Grand Mufti?

The Tomb of Huang-Di

As more and more artifacts are recovered from the Chimera, the Professor begins to question the validity of what so many archaeologists consider myth. Manuscripts point to the final resting place of the first Emperor of China, Yuang-Di. If it’s true, the Professor may have found a way to help a dying Empire revive itself.

Tu Doc’s Tomb

A legendarily rich Vietnamese Emperor. Uncounted millions in gold. A treasure hunters dream. An archaeologist’s claim to fame. A pirate’s retirement fund. Whoever finds it first will have their name go down in history…. or infamy.


In 1185, the Kusanagi treasures were lost  in a great sea battle between the Minamoto and the Taira. This legendary sword as well as the Imperial Regalia, have never been found. Wanting to reclaim his birthright, Emperor Hiro Hito calls for help in discovering these mythical items.

The Lost Treasure of Benito Bonito

Benito “Bloody Sword” Bonito was a pirate who raided the west coasts of North and South America. According to legend, before his death, he hid several million dollars worth of treasure in a cave near Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia.

The Ship of the Desert

A ship out of water? Lost diamonds in the Cahuilla Desert? The chance to prove a 1612 legend to be true.

The Lost Colony

In a single night, the town of Roanoke, Virginia, completely vanished. An archaeological mystery that would land whoever solves it in the pages of history.

Confederate Gold

In 1865, the Confederate States of America, seeing that the war was lost, made millions of dollars worth of gold disappear. No one seems to know where they are, and legends abound. On a dig in Georgia, a notebook is discovered. Somewhere in the cryptic language is a clue to where the gold is hidden.

The City of Gold

Thousands have died pursuing it. It bankrupted the Spanish and the Portuguese, and those believing it to be real have been laughed out of the archaeological community. But could El Dorado be real?

The War that Never Ended

After near non-stop adventure, the Professor finally has some time to relax. He receives a telegram from an old friend from the Great War, telling him that he must come to Cape Suzette. Something has surfaced that hasn’t been seen in almost twenty years.

Once More Unto the Breach

War has erupted once more, with the United States being dragged into it. The Professor, his graduate student, and the barnstormer are pulled for a new mission; continue the fight against the Thule Society.


An impenetrable armor, it would make men and tanks invincible. Every Army wants to possess it, and the Thule Society has agents searching for it all over India. Should it be found or is it best that this legendary suit of armor be lost forever?

Pashupatastra, Varunastra, and Astra

Can thoughts kill? What about words or glances? What about the power to command a storm? Or the Supernatural? The three most destructive weapons in all of Avalon are being sought out by the British, Japanese, and Germans. Whoever gets any one of these weapons can shape the future.


A sword that can command the armies of a God, yet another item desperately sought out by the Thule Society as the world starts preparing for war.

The Fountain of Youth

Ponce de Leon died trying to find it. Many more have searched the swamps of Florida and come back empty handed. But what if they were looking in the wrong part of the world?

The Cintamani Stone

More powerful than any djinn, the Cintamani stone can fulfill any wish you desire. But what would you wish for?

The Vaidurya

Unlimited wealth and prosperity. Every one wants it. Every nation wants it, but there is a price.

The Batembuzi

Africa has a long and grand oral tradition. Among the legends is that of the Empire of Kitara. Most Westerners have written the kingdom off as a myth, akin to that of Troy or Shiba, but when an ancient scroll from the Library of Alexandria finds its way to the Professor, it begins to raise questions. Is there truth to the myth? Could whatever they found help the Allies in the war?

The Tomb of Osiris

It was considered to be lost, but then again, so was Tutankhamun. The Professor receives and urgent message from two of his former students to join him in Egypt. What unfolds is incredible, and life threatening.

The Book of Thoth

Powerful magic. Infinite knowledge. The Thule Society wants it.

The Cup of Jamshid

When a large portion of Susa was sacked in 1180, the Cup of Jamshid was stolen. But after nearly 800 years of war, the cup has been lost to the shifting sands and borders of the Middle East. Believed to bestow immortality to anyone who drinks from it, the Thule Society is scouring the Fertile Crescent. The clock is ticking.


How far would you go to save someone you love? The search for a mythical plant may be the key to helping save the Persian Monarchy.

Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar

Only one thing can kill a demon; a holy sword.

The Tablet of Destiny

Would you want to know who you’ll marry? When and how you’ll die? Or are questions like that best left unanswered?

A War to End All Wars Part One

The Second Great War is winding down as the Allies advance towards. The Thule Society and Adolf Hitler are desperate to win. The National Socialists begin Operation Endetage as the American President ponders using the most destructive weapon Avalon has ever created on the Japanese and Germans.

A War to End All Wars Part Two

The skies are ablaze. A fleet of bombers are headed to the headquarters of the Thule Society. Time is running out to stop Endetage. If the Professor, the grad student, and the barnstormer fail, it will mean their destruction and that of Avalon.