County of Tripoli

Capital: Tripoli

Government: Hereditary Monarchy.

Population: 100,110

Religions: Christianity (61%), Polytheism (15%), Judaism (13%), Islam (10%),  Other (1%)

Allies: Byzantine Empire

Enemies: Egyptian Empire and the Abbasid Sultanate

Neutral: Persian Empire

History: The County of Tripoli had been part of the Egyptian Empire during the New Kingdom Period, but was lost during the Late New Kingdom. After the Byzantine Empire began to crumble in the 7th Century CE, Tripoli was reconquered by the Egyptian Empire, however, the territory was contested with by the Umayyad Caliphate, Egypt, and the Byzantines. In 1102, Tripoli fell under siege from Crusader Forces.  After the fall of Tripoli in 1109, the Crusaders set up the County of Tripoli, which was under the rule of the Counts of Toulouse. It remained in the control of the Counts of Toulouse until 1289, when it was conquered by the Egyptian Empire. It remained in Egyptian control until the 16th Century CE, when it was conquered by the Ottoman Turks.